ISG Eurasia

İFO Fuarcılık’s 25-years of event organizing experience will ensure a successful launch for ISG Eurasia 2015, Occupational Health and Safety Fair from 11-13 June 2015.

Based on the results of extensive market research, İFO Fuarcılık have announced they will be organizing a dedicated fair for ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ in Turkey and the region. ISG Eurasia will take place alongside the established REW Istanbul 2015, 11th International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair held in June. İFO Fuarcılık General Manager Zekeriya Aytemur said: “In order to raise awareness and establish a common platform for employers operating in all sectors across Turkey and the region, we have launched ISG Eurasia 2015, Occupational Health and Safety Fair. As employers look to fulfill their responsibilities for occupational health and safety, they will need to cooperate with many suppliers ranging from occupational safety equipment, materials, risk analysis and specialised services. ISG Eurasia 2015 will bring these solution providers together under one roof”.

Law no 6331 which came into force in 2012, has become a milestone for occupational health and safety in Turkey. The aim of the law is to reduce accidents as much as possible not only through penal sanctions but also through classification of dangers, effective risk analysis and taking preventive measures. The law allows for non-compliant companies being shut down if necessary. Health and safety in the workplace is no longer optional and it is not only industrial facilities that need to take these new measures seriously, all employers including the service sector also need to adopt the same professional approach.

İFO Fuarcılık featured the issue of ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ as a special section at REW Istanbul 2014 prior to launching it as a dedicated fair. “ISG Eurasia 2015, Occupational Health and Safety Fair” will provide a platform for those companies operating in this field to be identified as a sector offering the full range of occupational health and safety products, technologies, applications and innovations. In this way, the fair will present significant opportunities for both employers seeking to make their facilities compliant and suppliers who are looking to tap into this rapidly emerging market.